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Returns & Exchange

As a customer, you have according to Swedish law the right to return and receive a full refund of any purchased products within 14 days of receiving your order. Please note that the jewelry must be in the exact new condition as when receiving it.

If you want to exchange och return the product you have purchased you have 14 days from receiving the product to do that and get refunded.

Pack the jewelry the same way it was delivered.


send an email to our customer service:, with the following information:

- Product

- Model

- Reason for the return of the purchased product:

After the informations is sent to our customer service, you will revieve the return-adress and further instructions on how to move on.

Cancel or Change Order

Its not possible to change or cancel a order after it gone throught. But you can regret the order by contacting our customer service for further instructions. We don't stand for the returning cost.