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Toni Lexx  was founded in Stockholm year 2017. The brand is for both men and woman and stand for Classiness, Sexiness and confidence. 

We believe that if we live on our own terms we will become much happier and successfull in our lives. This brand is for the confident people that want to maximize life every second. Everything starts from the mind. How you act / dress and who your surroundings are have an strong impact. our designs is made by the highest quality and designed in Sweden.


The brand Toni Lexx was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and our brand is about our mindset in life and stands for Self–confidence, Strength, power, Passion and intelligence. Everything we do in life starts with the mind. The vision of the brand is to motivate you and develop yourself so you can maximize your life. The Design is Minimalistic, Chic and modern classy. The bracelets are handcrafted by our own professional and experienced jewellers in Sweden with the highest quality.

Swedish Company registered in Sweden.